Custom made to fit you!

CtrlSave works with you to develop a custom, ONE OF A KIND software to suit your needs. Any company, irrespective of the product or service, doesn't have to change the way they operate owing to the fact that our software is user-friendly aimed not only at the person who views the data, but also the person who feeds in the data. We don't just throw a ready-made software at you and call it a day, because we recognise that every company is DIFFERENT. Solutions are provided in consultation with your requirements to ensure the highest level of efficiency, CtrlSave collaborates WITH YOU, FOR YOU and for WHATEVER YOU NEED.


As your customers believe in you, you require a company to believe in! CtrlSave is that company. As is a well established fact, trust is easily broken and nothing hurts more than someone putting their needs before yours. Most software companies tend to spit facts at you faster than a snake does venom, and lets be honest they end up making us feel stupid. Unlike such companies who create softwares for a profit, CtrlSave develops softwares to HELP you and your company reach its full potential. Rather than you listening to companies trying to sell you their products, we listen to you. Moreover, we provide you with the security that you deserve. Data theft is a serious issue we wish to eradicate for our customers. Not only are our systems hosted on secure servers, but there are also additional overlays of security embedded into each layer to ensure no data is affected! Trust fall! . . . We Got you!

Available Worldwide

What makes CtrlSave different is that our services aren't limited by distance (long distance relationships envy us, that's how you know we aren't joking around). It doesn't matter where you're from or how remote your country is, you can be rest assured that we will be there for you (cue F.R.I.E.N.D.S background score). For instance, even though CtrlSave was founded in Goa our services are also available in the African market. Don't believe us? Just have a look at our clients. You can be sure that distance doesn't waver our quality of service. Our software can also be easily accessed from any part of the world! (or the moon if you're Jeff Bezos) and, on any device! We take ‘Available Worldwide’ quite literally.